Preguntas frecuentes - Guia Turística Santa Elena
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    How to get to Santa Elena?

    There are four ways to get to Santa Elena: The Cable-Car, the Santa Elena road, the Las Palmas road, the Medellin-Bogota highway. The time varies according to the means and route taken.

    In the section “How to get to Santa Elena”, we teach you how to do it.

    How to find my way around in Santa Elena?

    The corregimiento is divided up in veredas and sectors; in Santa Elena there is no nomenclature. That is why it is so important to know to which vereda or sector you are heading for.

    Find your way around with our map.

    How much is the entrance to the Arvi Park?

    The entrance to the Arvi Park is free, since this is an open Park; but within its boundaries there are the recreational parks Comfama and Comfenalco, which charge an entrance fee.

    Go to our section Arvi Park and get all the information.

    Where to stay?

    If you are going to be in Santa Elena for some days, find different lodging offers where you will connect yourself with nature and the silletera culture.

    Go to the Hotels Directory.

    What to wear?

    The average temperature in Santa Elena is 14.5 ºC. Therefore we recommend clothes fitted for cold weather.

    Which Banking services are there in the area?

    Santa Elena features a Bancolombia PAC located in the main park and run by a local cooperative association and also a BBVA branch office. Some restaurants and hotels offer credit card possibilities.

    What to do in Santa Elena?

    Enjoy nature and the silletera culture all year round, besides the different events that take place month after month in the main park; also enjoy the gastronomical and lodging offer of the region.

    In our section “What to do?” you find everything Santa Elena has to offer.

    Where to eat in Santa Elena?

    Delight yourself with the gastronomical offer of Santa Elena, where you will find traditional and international cuisines, and a variety of Cafes and Bars.

    Go to our “Restaurants” section.