Cómo llegar a Santa Elena
  • How to get to Santa Elena

    Meet different paths to reach the village of Santa Elena

    Accessing to the corregimiento is easy and pleasant at the eyesight. You can get there by car, Cable Car or public transport.

    From Medellín:

    Through the Santa Elena road: This is the oldest and most direct access road to the central park. It is a winding road with an ascent of over a thousand meters where spectacular views of the city can be enjoyed. This is the route that buses from Santa Elena public transport take. These buses can be taken from downtown Medellin in the Carrera Córdoba between the streets Colombia and La Playa, from Monday through Saturday 5:15 am until 10:30 pm, Sunday 5:45 am until 10:00 pm.


    The ticket to the central park costs $$2.200  COP. To the Arví park is $3.000 COP. To other veredas is $2,400 COP. Prices of 2015.

    Through the Las Palmas road:

    The ascension begins at the roundabout of San Diego and continues until the roundabout of Sancho Paisa, where you turn left to take the variante Palmas-Santa Elena towards the airport José María Córdova. After the tollbooth on the left there are two ways of access, through the vereda Perico which is1.5 kilometers away from the tollbooth variante Palmas-Santa Elena, or through the vereda Pantanillo which is 3 kilometers away from the tollbooth.

    By Cable Car:

    At the Acevedo station of the Metro (line A) take the Cable Car (line K) to the station Santo Domingo. With an additional ticket which costs $4.850 COP you can transfer to the Arví touristic Cable Car to go up to the vereda Piedras Blancas, sector El Tambo. During the trip, which lasts only 15 minutes, you can appreciate panoramic views of the forests and mountains of Santa Elena and the Arvi Park.

    Metro Cable Arvi

    Schedule:: from Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, if a Monday is holyday there will be service on Monday instead of Tuesday.

    From the airport José María Córdova

    Leave the airport heading toward the Sajonia roundabout, where you have two choices:   1. Go straight on the Santa Elena road and only 10km away is the center of the corregimiento. This way has a tollbooth   2. From the same roundabout you can turn left on the variante Palmas-Santa Elena and take a right onto the road through the Vereda Pantanillo( which is in front of the restaurant El Cebadero), or 3 three kilometers later take a right onto the road through the VeredaPerico.

    From Guarne

    From this township by the Medellin – Bogota highway, going towards Medellin, take the U-turn No. 6 on the left side. Turn to change direction towards Guarne and then, 1 kilometer away you will turn right,leading straight to the vereda Piedras Blancas, approximately 12 kilometers away. You can also take the bus from the same township to Piedras Blancas and the Arvi Park.

    From Bello and Northern Medellín

    Take the Medellín-Bogotá highway, 1 kilometer after passing the U-turn No. 6. Turn right and keep straight until you get to the vereda PiedrasBlancas-Matasano. Consult our maps at www.guiaturisticasantaelena.com

    See map of the paths.