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    Meet the overview of Santa Elena as climate, temperature, altitude and other important data.


    Amanecer desde la vereda San Ignacio

    Santa Elena’s territory consists of the Corregimiento of Santa Elena de Medellin, and several veredas in the municipalities of Guarne , Rionegro and Envigado, it is located in the eastern plateau of the Central Mountain Range, between the valleys of Aburrá and San Nicolás; its boundaries are the municipalities of Bello and Copacabana on the north, on the east the municipalities of Guarne and Rionegro and on the west the urban perimeter of Medellín.

    Administratively is distributed in eleven veredas, but ancestrally it includes a wider territory that incorporates eigth veredas* belonging to other municipalities with which specific dynamics and cultural expressions as integral part of its cultural identity and silletera tradition are shared. Likewise, each veredas is divided into sections, named after an element well recognized by the community or after the surnames of the families inhabiting them.

    Demonym: Santaelenense
    Land area: 70,4 Km2
    Arvi Park area 1.761 ha
    Distance from Medellin: 17,4 Km
    Journey time: 40 min. aprox.
    Altitude: Between 2.248 y 2.660 masl
    Average temperature: 52 ºF
    Climate: Humid tropical with mountain influence
    Average rainfall: 1.500 a 2.200 mm
    Humidity: 89%
    Population: 18.000 aprox.
    Veredas de Medellín: El Llano, El Cerro, Santa Elena Central, El Placer, El Plan, Barro Blanco, Mazo, Piedras Blancas, Piedra Gorda, Media Luna y Las Palmas.
    Veredas de Guarne: Barro Blanco, San Ignacio, San Miguel , El Porvenir y La Palma.
    Veredas de Envigado: Pantanillo y Perico.

    *Note for translators: For administrative purposes and within the frame of its PoliticalConstitution, the Republic of Colombia is divided into Departamentos, Municipios, Corregimientos and Veredas. Corregimientos is a division of the rural area of a Municipio, ruled by a Corregidor, Vereda is a subdivision of the Corregimiento

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