Parque Arví - Guía Turística Santa Elena
  • Arvi Park


    Descubre la magia de los bosques de Parque Arví

    It is an ecotourism park located  in the corregimiento Santa Elena, east of Medellín, created for the enjoyment of the whole local, national and international community, where they can enjoy trails, picnic areas, recreational parks as Comfama Arvi and Piedras Blancas, Arvi Market and travel on Metro Cable. It has 1761 hectares spread through the veredas Piedras Blancas, Mazo, Piedra Gorda and Barro Blanco, with plenty of foggy forests, one of the most important pieces of natural wealth of the territory, as it preserves the quality of the waters running down to the Valleys of Aburra and San Nicolas. Moreover, it constitutes the habitat for flowers, mosses, mushrooms, sarros, frogs, birds, butterflies and many other species of vital importance for the preservation of the forest.

    Schedule: Tuesday thru Sunday from 9:a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Service is rendered holiday Mondays till the following Tuesday.
    Fare: Free entrance. The admission to the recreational parks of Comfama and Comfenalco has a nominal charge, established by the administrative companies.
    Information: (57+4) 444 2979 ext. 102-105

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    Chorro clarin

    Chorro Clarin

    (Español) Realiza un picnic o camina por los senderos
    silleta gigante comfama

    Comfama Arví

    (Español) Vive una aventura por las copas de los árboles.
    El Tambo

    El Tambo

    (Español) Goza del Mercado Arví y de viajar en Metrocable
    laguna guarne

    Laguna de Guarne

    (Español) Descubre los caminos que indígenas y españoles transitaron.
    comfenalco nucleo

    Piedras Blancas

    (Español) Disfruta de la ecología, el agua y las mariposas.
    Familia Grisales, vereda Piedra Gorga, Municipio de Medellín DEsfile de Silleteritos SAnta Elena

    (Español) Programación de la Feria de las Flores de Santa Elena 2016